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Fighting Economic Slump with Pro Bono Work

“Just as many laid-off workers are volunteering more to fill up their free time and enhance their resumes, small-business owners and their employees are doing more pro bono services or volunteer work as marketing and customer-relations strategy”, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.  “For a small business that has lost clients or seen […]

Carbon Accounting

A whole new line of work…”Many big corporations are already tracking their yearly greenhouse gas emissions, and more are expected to follow once Congress approves a climate change bill. Those who specialize in emissions accounting are likely to see a spike in business”, according to Market Place.

Link Farm – Multimedia (Shark Tank)

“Money has no soul…it doesn’t care”.   Take a look at Shark Tank, a reality tv show from ABC where aspiring entrepreneurs have to prove their stuff to a panel of self made investors.  A few kernels of wisdom and inspiration lie within…

Staying Positive in Negative Territory

A nice reminder going into the weekend about the power of  positive thinking! Happiness Amid the Wreckage.

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Link Farm – Nibble on Your Feeds

“Snackr is a new Adobe AIR app that lets you display items in your RSS feeds in a beautiful scrolling ticker on any edge of your screen. I am absolutely giddy about it after only a few minutes of use. Snackr is something you’d supplement your existing reader with, not a replacement. It is not […]

Family Business – Taking the Perks Away

“Companies are slashing benefits right and left.   But it’s tougher to lose the company car or a generous dividend when your dad or your sister takes it away,”  writes Jillian Mincer in a recent Wall Street Journal article.   Small businesses in America, most of which are family-run, are now pressed to cut benefits and perks […]

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Intervista – Mirella Una Mental Trainer

In the introduction to her book, Daydreaming About Tea, Mirella M. P. Grillo writes, “A Chinese wise man says: ‘we drink tea to forget the noise of the world.’  In fact, there is no other drink, in nature, holding so many different properties.  Tea sharpens and calms, cold or hot it is equally nice, available […]