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Competitive Health Care in Italia

MILAN—When California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped in on Italy’s fashion capital late last year, his focus wasn’t just the city’s designer shops. He was also intensely interested in the state-of-the-art local health system. With the U.S. searching for ideas about how to make health care more affordable, he said during a speech, “I hope we […]

Three Best Ways to Win a New Client

Many small businesses ring in the new year by taking a fresh approach to winning new clients. Whether you plan to reinvent your company or just attract an untapped demographic, there are a few ways to achieve your goals. First, you must identify your ideal customer. “Do you know your target?” says Tom Patty, a […]

Small Business Economic Indicators

When you’re a small-business owner, issues like whether you can afford to give your assistant manager a raise or whether your dinner bread will be delivered on time loom larger than the trade deficit and crop results. Yet, the nation’s employment outlook factors into your hiring decisions and the truck that delivers your bread runs […]

Investors Try to Open Door to Foreign Entrepreneurs

A group of technology investors is trying to make Silicon Valley friendlier to foreign entrepreneurs. The group is lobbying lawmakers for a new visa for noncitizens who want to found technology start-ups in the U.S. Dubbed the Startup Visa, it would allow entrepreneurs sponsored by a venture capitalist to come to the U.S. for two […]

On Women and Working

When Eileen Naughton was president of the Time Inc. magazine group, she got the news one afternoon that her young son had a genetic disorder that would prevent him from leading a normal life. Ms. Naughton, who was pregnant, also received a warning that her unborn daughter might be at risk. Before the news came […]

Do You Really Want to be a Leader?

“Too many leadership scholars and executives are obsessed by a pointless question: Are leaders born, or are they made?  The answer is irrelevant.  The truth is, you do not know what you are born with until you try very hard to express it,” say Prof. Bottger and Dr. Barsoux in a recent Wall Street Journal […]

Serving Up a New Gratitude this Thanksgiving

“Last Thanksgiving, it looked as if a hard year was coming and it was and it did.  The holiday was shadowed by a sense of economic foreboding-Wall Street failing, companies falling and layoffs coming.  It isn’t over-no one thinks it’s over.  But the mood this Thanksgiving looks to be different,” writes Peggy Noonan in a […]

Business Plans: Why You Need One and Why They May Not Deliver

“A strong business plan is essentially the cornerstone of your business and yet many entrepreneurs drag their feet when it comes to writing one – possibly because it involves a good deal of work and may bring back childhood memories of writing a tedious book report on summer vacation,” according to Coleen DeBaise from her […]

Riorganizzando le riunioni di lunedi’

Le riunioni occupano una grande parte di una giornata lavorativa.  Probabilmente tutti noi abbiamo participato in una riunione di lunedi’ mattina che  un dirigente discuteva le cose da fare per la settimana.  Spesso si vede questo incontro come lungo, senza una direzione, ed e’ considerato spesso piuttosto noisoso. In un articolo di Wall Street Journal […]

Revamping Monday Meetings

At one time or another we have all had to sit through Monday morning meetings.  Entrepreneur Jessica Rovello tells us how she came up with an innovative way to solve a routine problem in her business in a recent story from the WSJ’s “Fast Fixes” feature for Small Business.  “Rovello decided that she needed to […]