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Cavuto’s Tips on Interviewing

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How To Be Memorable in Business

The formula to success? Being memorable. Throughout our lives we constantly encounter people from many walks of life. Often though, we only remember a select few of those folks.  Why are some more memorable than others? Why were they more interesting and seemingly more distinguished from the countless others you spoke with that day? The […]

NBC Paid $1.2 Billion to Broadcast the London Olympics. Where Does That Money Go?

NBC paid the International Olympic Committee a record $1.18 billion for the U.S. broadcast rights to the 2012 London Games and $4.38 billion for the four Olympics from 2014-2020. What does the IOC do with all that cash? According to the IOC’s Olympic Marketing Fact File: The IOC distributes over 90% of Olympic marketing revenue […]

How To Get Traffic On Facebook

When It’s the Time for Plan B

Two months after launching Brand Thunder, Patrick Murphy sensed that sales were sluggish because he was charging too high a fee for his sole product, a customized Web browser. So he temporarily slashed the price by more than 75% and gave the product new, income-generating features, including ads and a search tool, by forming partnerships […]

Why So Many People Can’t Make Decisions

Some people meet, fall in love and get married right away. Others can spend hours in the sock aisle at the department store, weighing the pros and cons of buying a pair of wool argyles instead of cotton striped. Seeing the world as black and white, in which choices seem clear, or shades of gray […]

10 Mistakes That Start-Up Entrepreneurs Make

When it comes to starting a successful business, there’s no surefire playbook that contains the winning game plan. On the other hand, there are about as many mistakes to be made as there are entrepreneurs to make them. Recently, after a work-out at the gym with my trainer—an attractive young woman who’s also a dancer/actor—she […]

The Gift of Gab: Speaking can be a lucrative path to more business

Give a speech. Win a client. As simple—or even scary—as that formula sounds, a host of entrepreneurs have found that conquering public speaking can be the route to more contacts and customers. Impressing people with your expertise at a conference, in a classroom or over the radio can sometimes win more business than making sales […]

‘King’ of Small Business in Queens

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